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    Certified Pre-Owned

    Looking for a vehicle that’s a nice middle ground between the features of a new vehicle and the price of a used vehicle? You might want to consider a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle from Green Family Hyundai. This is a unique third category of vehicle that has had a previous owner, but comes with more protections than a standard used car. They’re generally considered to be of a higher quality than East Moline used cars because of their vetting, warranty, and more. Want to explore the world of CPO for sale at Green Family Hyundai? Check out this page, then head on over to Moline to take a test drive!

    What You’ll Find in a CPO Vehicle

    • A CPO vehicle is vetted for quality. It’s been subject to a multi-point inspection throughout the vehicle, with the engine, transmission, body, paint job, interior, technology, and much more getting a thorough look from an expert at Green Family Hyundai.
    • A CPO vehicle is also subject to restrictions on mileage, model year, and more. When you purchase a CPO vehicle from Green Family Hyundai, you’ll be able to drive with confidence through Rock Island knowing that the vehicle is relatively new and has a low number of miles on the tank compared to most used cars.
    • You’ll also get an additional warranty when you buy CPO. This is meant to sweeten the deal, keeping you from expensive repair bills if covered components break down within the warranty period. We’d like to let you know that you’ll be quoted a year/mileage figure as you would on a new car warranty, but this warranty is retroactive to the start of service for the car, not from when you buy it.

    Find a CPO for Sale at Green Family Hyundai

    Looking for more facts on what a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle has to offer? We’re in Moline and ready to hear from you! Contact us today on our convenient online contact form and a representative from Green Family Hyundai will contact you shortly. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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