Service Specials

Wheel Alignment

$10 off!

Inspect for worn or damaged suspension parts and tires. Align wheels to factory specifications.

*See service adviser for complete details.

Fuel Injection

$10 off!

Cleaning Service
BG ISC Induction System Cleaner will quickly and safely clean fuel injectors and remove hard, baked-on carbon deposits from intake ports, intake valves and combustion chamber increasing the efficiency of your engine. Translation: Better Fuel mileage

*See service advisor for complete details

Cooling System Service

$10 off!

Inspect condition of all hoses, clamps, and belts. Pressure test system. Inspect radiator and water pump for proper operation. Flush our old coolant and replace it with new.

*See service advisor for complete details

Balance 4 Wheels

Starting at $59.95

Check tire pressures and adjust as necessary. Balance four tires. Rotate tires. Inspect tires and wheels for abnormal wear and damage. Torque wheel nuts as recommended.

*See service advisor for details

Install Nitrogen


In 4 tires
We will replace the air in 4 tires with nitrogen.

*See service advisor for complete details

Hyundai Service Specials

One of the best things about owning a Hyundai in East Moline is the low maintenance costs involved in owning such a vehicle. When you drive a Hyundai, you’re getting your hands on a vehicle that will be with you for many years to come. However, even the most reliable vehicle still needs to have routine maintenance and thankfully, that’s where Green Family Hyundai comes in. We offer regular Hyundai service specials and if you check out this page on a regular basis, you’ll often find something new! Your Hyundai service coupons are all right here!

Maintenance from a Dealership: Why Go There?

There are a lot of places you can get your car serviced if you live in Rock Island. There are a lot of mechanics, yes, but we have to make a case for why you should take your business to a dealership like Green Family Hyundai. While there are many great mechanics in the area, only Green Family Hyundai is certified by Hyundai to do the best job fixing up your car. 

But how about the coupons? Hyundai coupons can be found regularly when you go to Green Family Hyundai and we’re always changing up what we have. Looking for an oil change? We will often have those. How about a tire rotation or a wheel balancing and alignment? We’ve got Hyundai service specials on those. And if you face a bigger issue with your Hyundai, we’re the place to go because we always use genuine OEM parts.

Green Family Hyundai Has You Covered for Service and More

You can get your Hyundai service coupons from Green Family Hyundai to make for easier maintenance, but there’s so much more you can get from us. Sure, you can schedule service with us, but did you know that when it comes to finance, you can get it done in-house too? You have someone in your corner when you go with us. Contact us today!